Musicumentary Videographer
Professional Music Appreciator

SatomiMusicumentary YouTube Channel

Looking for Musicumentary (Music+Documentary) from Los Angeles and Tokyo? Check out the blog entries for snap shots of my video clip and contact me!

ニューヨークで5年間、日系企業で人事に務めたのち、2004年、ロサンゼルスに移動。現在’Professional Music Appreciator’として活動中。ロサンゼルスと東京のMusicumentary(ミュージック・シーンのドキュメンタリー/動画)を撮り続ける。神奈川県大和市出身。



01.28.2009 Doug Aldrich_Teach Yourself Oil Change

01.27.2009 NAMM SHOW MADNESS 2009_Yngwie Checking Out Philip

01.25.2009 NAMM SHOW MADNESS 2009_Philip Sayce Jamming with Phil Collen

01.23.2009 NAMM SHOW MADNESS 2009_Laurence Juber (Paul McCartney & Wings)

01.22.2009 NAMM SHOW MADNESS 2009

01.22.2009 Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats_Very Very Naughty

01.22.2009 Live_Vivian Campbell/Marco Mendoza/ZepAGAIN/Ratt/The Donnas

12.31.2008 The Answer @ LA Forum

12.25.2008 Top Rock Ringtones Today

12.22.2008 It’s official_Did Britney Spears Make a Comeback?

12.16.2008 Cheap Trick @ HOB Sunset

12.12.2008 Shine A Light

12.11.2008 Tom Morello_The Nightwatchman @ El Ray Theatre

12.10.2008 AC/DC @ LA Forum 2

12.08.2008 AC/DC @ LA Forum

12.04.2008 Britney Spears Hypes (Revised)

12.02.2008 R.I.P. Munetaka Higuchi_Loudness

12.01.2008 Joe Satriani, Eric Sardinas and Zack Wiesinger

11.27.2008 Billy Sheehan Super-Glued His Fingernail

11.21.2008 Steve Zukowsky_Teach Yourself Jimmy Page

11.16.2008 Marty Friedman_Teach Yourself Japanese

11.12.2008 Trev Lukather

11.08.2008 Coming Soon

09.29.2008 Zooming Up On Zloz

09.22.2008 Teaser_Teach Yourself Series

09.19.2008 Perry Margouleff_Teach Yourself Car Mechanics

09.19.2008 Billy Sheehan_Teach Yourself Hand Exercise

09.19.2008 David Ellefson_Teach Yourself Self-Marketing

09.18.08 The Cat Indulging Zeppelin

09.16.08 Cosmosquad_Jeff Kollman Hits Japan Again in Sep 08

09.07.2008 Mr. Blabbermouth…DOMO ARIGATO!

09.04.2008 Trev Lukather @ Knitting Factory

09.03.2008 Led ZepAGAIN Live @ HOB_The Connection with Nuno?

09.02.2008 Music Should Take Us Higher, Not to Walmart_’Black Ice’ AC/DC

09.01.2008 Extreme @ HOB

08.01.2008 David Ellefson_F5

08.26.2008 Deliciously Done

08.21.2008 Twilight / Electric Light Orchestra

08.19.2008 You cannot disappoint me.

08.18.2008 Listen to Miles Schon’s Music in His New Myspace

08.18.2008 Glay @ House of Blues

08.13.2008 Trev Lukather @ Key Club

08.07.2008 LA Metal

08.01.2008 Billy Sheehan Cooks Vindaloo Curry

07.31.2008 Mr. Big ’Near’ Reunion

07.31.2008 Paul Stanley @ HOB Nov. ’06_To Participate the show

07.26.2008 ’Trev’ by Trev Lukather Available on iTune

07.22.2008 Reeve Carney @ Molly Malones

07.20.2008 Journey, Heart, Cheap Trick in San Diego

07.14.2008 Sir George Martin_Making of Sgt. Pepper at USC

07.10.2008 Marco Mendoza

07.07.2008 Miles Schon and Trev Lukather

07.06.2008 Boston/Styx @ Gibson Amphitheater

07.05.2008 Sgt. Pepper’s…Revisited with Cheap Trick and Hollywood Bowl Orchestra

06.28.2008 Nikka Costa @ El Rey Theatre

07.02.2008 Prince Said No To Madonna

06.26.2008 Sean Ono Lennon

06.24.2008 Read Between the Lines

06.23.2008 Japanized American & Americanized Japanese

06.23.2008 SatomiMusicumentary in Japan

06.18.2008 TimeLife Classic Softrock Collection

06.01.2008 Led ZepAGAIN

05.31.2008 Brian May

05.26.2008 Chad Smith’s Bombastic Meatbats

05.03.2008 Vivian Campbell_Def Leppard

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